When it Comes to Signage, Less is More!

I have listened to the argument on both sides of the city signage issue and my choice is clear.   No matter how much you think that those billboards and clutter of signs might help to advertise your business, they harm the environment as a whole and that in turn harms everyone’s business.  Internet advertising and [...]

Oct 192009
Plastic Bag Ban

Living near the beautiful Sea of Cortez and all of her wondrous sea life a person becomes particularly aware of the effects we humans have on the environment. One of the most dangerous pollutants is the plastic bags they hand out at the grocery stores. It is with great pleasure that I attach the link [...]

Perhaps you have lived in an apartment or stayed in a motel and outside your window you find yourself staring into a huge billboard or some flashing neon sign. Instead of gazing out at the branches of a lovely tree or viewing a charming sidewalk you are visually blindsided by this type of pollution. Many [...]