Big Ideas for Small Room Design in San Carlos, Sonora

As I have quoted many times before, small is the new big and this is especially true when many people search for their second or often, third home in Mexico.  I recently had the opportunity to stage a small condo on the beach here in San Carlos.  This studio unit , with a gorgeous view [...]

San Carlos Version of House Hunters International

One of my favorite television programs is House Hunters International on the HGTV channel.  This show, as well as Curb Appeal: The Block both appeal to my sensibility as a Realtor and also as an interior designer.  I watched a program the other day about a couple that live in London and were house hunting [...]

Creativity on a Dime For Your San Carlos Home

Many people are under the impression that improving the appearance of their home costs a lot of money. However, with some creativity, a little elbow grease, and soap and water you can change the entire feel of your home’s interior. One of the best ways to perk up your home’s appearance and appeal is to [...]

Spring Cleaning in San Carlos, Sonora

Living in San Carlos actually involves two opportunities for Spring-cleaning.   November is the time of year that we once again turn off our air conditioners and open our doors and windows to the cooler and less humid climate.  And, we have the usual Spring-cleaning season arriving very soon.  This is when we get prepared to [...]

Although the apartments and condos in San Carlos tend to be much larger than the Parisian flat shown in this youtube video, it is a charming reminder of what is possible!  Enjoy this classic film clip!

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