San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico:  2011 3rd Quarter Market Report

It’s time again for my quarterly real estate report and the news continues to remain positive!  This past quarter 14 more sellers and buyers were able to move forward to pursue new adventures.  San Carlos continues to attract Mexican Nationals, Canadians, and Americans as well as others from around the world.  I cannot count how [...]

San Carlos, Sonora:  2010 2nd Quarter Market Report

Those of us who live in San Carlos already understand the quality of life that she provides; we enjoy the benefits of small town living with big city amenities.  Within minutes of our homes we can be on the beach, playing a round of golf, or hopping on a boat to go fishing or racing with [...]

San Carlos, Sonora...Ready, Set, Shop!

I often write design articles about the small things we can do within our homes in order to provide some much needed change with minimal effects on our pocket books.  I’ve written about the importance of  decluttering our cabinets, drawers, and closets and, I do practice what I preach!  My closets are  organized fairly well [...]

Big Ideas for Small Room Design in San Carlos, Sonora

As I have quoted many times before, small is the new big and this is especially true when many people search for their second or often, third home in Mexico.  I recently had the opportunity to stage a small condo on the beach here in San Carlos.  This studio unit , with a gorgeous view [...]

San Carlos Version of House Hunters International

One of my favorite television programs is House Hunters International on the HGTV channel.  This show, as well as Curb Appeal: The Block both appeal to my sensibility as a Realtor and also as an interior designer.  I watched a program the other day about a couple that live in London and were house hunting [...]

Creativity on a Dime For Your San Carlos Home

Many people are under the impression that improving the appearance of their home costs a lot of money. However, with some creativity, a little elbow grease, and soap and water you can change the entire feel of your home’s interior. One of the best ways to perk up your home’s appearance and appeal is to [...]

Canadian Expats in Mexico

As a duel citizen of the United States and Canada I have spent many years (no I won’t tell you how many) in both countries.   Many years ago (still not telling) my Canadian father and American mother bought a hunting and fishing lodge at Chilko Lake in British Columbia.  We spent our summers working at [...]

San Carlos Party Planning

I love being the hostess to friends and family in my San Carlos home.  I especially like it because I can easily get the help I need and any party supplies that might be required.  My recent Christmas party plans began with a meeting with local Chef and caterer, Paulino to get on his calendar.  [...]

Guillermo Padrés Elias, the New Sonoran Governor has announced his major cabinet appointments.  We wish him and his cabinet members well and much success as they continue to make Sonora the best State in Mexico!

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