Governor lends insight on vision to the south by Keith Rosenblum – Oct. 31, 2009 Sonora, the Mexican state that shares a border with Arizona, has a new governor, Guillermo Padrés Elías. His election was a breakthrough for plural democracy in Sonora, ending a long run of single-party governance. Here are excerpts from his interview [...]

Mexico travel vacation ideas improve: Sonora Coastal Highway

Land development is paving the road for travelers in Mexico once again as Government Officials recently announce a whopping 5 Billion MXP 2010 infrastructure budget. The Sonora Coastal Highway which at one time seemed like a desert mirage is now, years later, becoming a reality. The multiphase road project is somewhat modeled after California’s beautiful [...]

Oct 192009
Plastic Bag Ban

Living near the beautiful Sea of Cortez and all of her wondrous sea life a person becomes particularly aware of the effects we humans have on the environment. One of the most dangerous pollutants is the plastic bags they hand out at the grocery stores. It is with great pleasure that I attach the link [...]