Mediterranean Flavor Comes to San Carlos

San Carlos, Sonora has a new face in town and she has Mediterranean written all over her menu.  Owners Victor & Ramon Cruz from Guadalajara, along with French partner/chef Benoit Tesson have created an absolutely charming bistro called La Esquina, or the inside corner.  The interior design is reminiscent of a restaurant I enjoyed in [...]

Walmart Coming to San Carlos, Guaymas, Sonora

It’s official!  Walmart and Sam’s Club are coming to Guaymas, Sonora!  As if the bulldozers that are clearing the way for the foundation weren’t enough proof, I was able to obtain confirmation from the international corporate affairs department at Walmart that they anticipate completion at the end of the second quarter of 2010! This may [...]

Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

Founded in 1681 this “Pueblo Magico” is enchanting from the moment you trod upon the cobblestone streets.  Alamos provides all of the historical character and architectural interest of other Spanish Colonial cities in Mexico however, this Colonial Gem of the Sierra Madre is within an easy day’s drive of Tucson, Arizona.  Restored Spanish courtyard homes line the [...]